Lobethal project

Location:	Lobethal S. A.
Date Completed:	November 1994
Architect:	E. Prelgauskas
Builder:	Trevor Clark
Owner:		Murray Muirhead 
		& Tracey Spencer
Size:		60 sq. metres
Climate:	Temperate


To build a small cost effective residence with environmental technologies; where low energy demand minimises the size of energy systems required. The project emphasised waste re-use systems to maximise the opportunities for permaculture development on the property.


The l5ha land parcel is remnant original bushland surrounded by road easements and farm land. An existing shed, rain water tank and stone shelter were located on the crest of the land form in the centre of the land. An existing bench situated north of and at a lower level than this existing development intended by a former owner for a house site is re-used as a levelled area for the permaculture garden activities.
The building site has good northern solar access and is close to the existing water tank.


The brief called for re-use of the existing stone shelter, incorparating a new roof and additions housing ablutions and bedroom spaces.
The building was built-on in fibre cement wall claddings on insulated timber wall and roof framing and steel roof deck. The roof pitch suits solar system mounting.


Rain water is roof collected and stored in the existing tank, gravity and pump reticulated to the house.
Solar hot water service is situated in the ceiling with panels on the north roof pitch.
A wood stove provides space heating.
Solar photovoltaics on the northern roof provide power to batteries located on the western verandah and services an inverter and 240V AC reticulatíon in the building.
Waste disposal is in separate systems, one to compost toilet, and a separate grey water disposal to reed bed and the garden on the lower bench in the land.


Comfort is achieved by manipuilation of the openings. The loft bedroom can be improved by incorporating a venting skylight.
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